"Mind The Gap's production is from top to tail a triumph.  Six blinding performances, emotionally intense, hilarious, poignant, truthful, exciting, heartbreaking and uplifting -- the audience quite understandably left abuzz."
We are completely volunteer run and have been since 1999!
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"What director Paula D'Alessandris and her cast have created in this New York premiere is a low-fi production that puts the emphasis firmly on the fine performances . . . What their mutual efforts have created is a melancholy examination of the connection between friendship and love that is almost excruciatingly intimate."
"So far off-Broadway that it's really more off-West End, the Mind The Gap Theatre has been showcasing new British drama in New York since 1998 in a variety of small theaters (check the current program in the website). With Dame Judi Dench and Dame Helen Mirren both on the advisory board, the company must be on the right track." 
"The Average-Sized Mermaid may well be one of my favorite FringeNYC shows to date . . . I was laughing hard enough that I worried I might upset the rest of the audience -- only to realize they were right there with me . . it's easily in my top three festival shows of all time and one of the best pieces I've seen in a long time."

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