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HOUSEBOUND - Quarantine Bits




  • There Has Possibly Been An Incident by Chris Thorpe at the NYCFringe (Martha Graham Studio),                     featuring Ruth Kavanagh, David J. Goldberg & C.K.Allen
  • Perfecting The Kiss by Scott C. Sickles at the DC Capital Fringe (Arena Stage/Mead Center), featuring Patrick Harman, Mia Moreland, Helen McMillan, George Redner & Daniel Damiano



  • Perfecting The Kiss by Scott C. Sickles at John Desotelle Studio, featuring Patrick Harman,  Janette Johnston, Helen McMillan, George Redner & Hugo Trebels



  • BritBits 9  in association with VGrafLive  at MTC Studios featuring new plays by: Rachel Barnett, Paula D'Alessandris, Sander Gusinow, Patch Harris, James Huntrods, Christopher Owen , Thomas Burns Scully and Hugo Trebels
  • Say You Love Me  co-presenter of the Edinburgh hit from Punch Productions and H-Arts Junction at the Duplex


  • Reading series: Vanessa - a new American sex comedy by Sander Gusinow  featuring Vinnie Penna, Dawn McGee, David J. Goldberg, Tessa Borbridge and Jenni Wales


  • BritBits 8 in association with VGrafLive - webcast worldwide  featuring 16 new plays by: Ben Bergen,    Thomas Burns Scully, Daniel Damiano, Bronwen Denton-Davis,  Daniel Johnson, Ian Kershaw, Isley Lynn,  Camilla Maxwell,  Mark O'Neil, Zoe Watkins, David Lee White, Fiona Whitelaw  & Matthew Wilkie  with musical interludes by Victoria Jeffrey & Duncan Pflaster


  • Full Dress by Bronwen Denton-Davis, Directed by Paula D’Alessandris, Featuring Majella Keane & Fiona Whitelaw at The So & So Arts Club, London
  • Murder, Margaret & Me by Phillip Meeks, Featuring Janet Prince, Directed by Stella Duffy (MTG Co-Producer), NY Fringe Festival, Abrazo Interno at the Clemente, (Winner:Best Female Performer, Janet Prince)                                   


  • MTG Writer’s Group - ongoing open to public/free presentation of works  in  progress by local MTG member writers.


  • Talking Heads by Alan Bennett in assoc. with The Secret Theatre


  • WTD 140 a reading of 100 international plays written in 140 words specifically for this event to celebrate World Theatre Day  at The Network
  • Theatre Uncut 3: readings of new plays written specifically for this event by Neil LaBute, Davey Anderson, Clara Brennan, Tanika Gupta, Kieran Hurley, Tim Price, Mark Thomas, Rob Drummond, Lewis Hetherington & AJ Taudevin.


  • adrenalin…heart by Georgia Fitch, at Space on White (US premiere)


  • Autumn Theatre Sampler at Space on White featuring the US premiere of I Am Yours Now by David Frostick
  • Theatre Uncut 2: original short plays by Clara Brennan (UK), Blanca Doménech (Spain), Kieran Hurley (UK),           David Greig (UK), Lena Kitsopoulou (Greece), Neil LaBute (USA), Anders Lustgarten (UK), Stef Smith (UK),             Helena Tornero (Spain).  With a live Skype feed to the Young Vic, London at Space on White


  • Under The Blue Sky by David Eldridge (NY premiere), Kraine Theater   (Backstage Critic’s Pick)
  • The Average-Sized Mermaid by Jessica Fleitman, NY International Fringe Festival at the Connelly Theater, in association with Early Bird Productions
  • The World Is My Cheesecake by Daniel Damiano, Workshop Theater in conjunction with fandango4 productions


  • Theatre Uncut: A Response to the Countrywide Spending Cuts  by Mark Ravenhill, David Greig, Dennis Kelly,          Jack Thorne, Laura Lomas, Lucy Kirkwood, Clara Brennan and Anders Lustgarten presented in association with Meeting Point Productions, UK.


  • Durang Durang by Christopher Durang, Jermyn Street Theatre, London
  • BritBits 7  featuring 8 new plays by Paula D'Alessandris, Bronwen Denton-Davis, Sam Peter Jackson,                   Richard Manton-Hollis, Camilla Maxwell, Brian Pracht, Laura Stevens & Chris Thorpe


  •  World Theatre Day party at the Crooked Knife 
  •  4th Annual NIGHT AT THE RACES Ascot party featuring musical performances by Mark Aaron James,                        Lain Gray, Jessie Kilguss and The Icky House Club


  • BritBits 5 featuring 8 new plays by Andrew Biss, Denise de Bergerac, Declan Feenan, Philip Gawthorne,             Richard Manton-Hollis, Camilla Maxwell, Kraig Smith & Rachel Welch
  • BritBits 6 featuring 8 new plays by Christopher Durang, Philip Gawthorne, Duncan MacMillan,                               Camilla Maxwell, Darren Murphy, Dan Remmes, Kraig Smith & Stephanie Staes
  • Durang Durang by Christopher Durang at the Guilded Balloon, Edinburgh, Scotland – 4 star review


  • BritBits and Song at the British Memorial Garden
  • Bonfire Night fundraiser for MTS, BritBits 6 preview, music and comedy- Nov. 5th
  • From Across The Pond Series
    •  Screening of short films from the UK –  filmmakers Ben Thompson & Jamie Lenn
    • Reading of new play -  The Thrill of The Chase by Philip Gawthorne
    • Stand up comedy from both sides of the pond featuring Steve Young (Scotland),                                               Cailin McDonald (US) & Fiona Walsh (Ireland)                                                               
  • Special Welsh Culture evening & reception in association with the Welsh Assembly Govt. featuring
    • Music – Welsh singer/songwriter Gareth Hill
    •  Theatre - readings of Father Figures by Gary Owen and If I Should Go Away by Owen Sheers



  • BritBits 2  featuring 8 new plays by Rachel Barnett, Paula D'Alessandris, Bronwen Denton-Davis,                                       Jason Grossman, Ian Kershaw, Dan Remmes, Steve Thompson & Matthew Wilkie        
  • BritBits 3 featuring 8 new plays by Glyn Cannon, Paula D'Alessandris,  Bronwen Denton-Davis,                                    Stephen Donovan, Declan Feenan, Philip Gawthorne,  Nancy Harris & Denise O'Leary                                    (Nominated for 3  NYIT Awards for Best Short Play)
  • BritBits 4 featuring 7 new plays by Rachel Barnett, Paula D'Alessandris, Bronwen Denton-Davis,                                    Jill Elaine Hughs, Montserrat Mendez, Scott C. Sickles & Shelley Silas


  • 3rd Annual A Night At The Races Benefit
  • Nov 5th Guy Fawkes Celebration



  • BritBits: Short plays by, for or about The British featuring 6 new plays by Glynn Cannon,                                     Catherine Donavon, Deborah Grimberg, Elliot Joseph, Lucy Kirkwood & Dan Remmes


  • LOFT - a night of comedy and music at the Sunshine Factory featuring comedian  Nick Wilty
  • Reading Series at the Atlantic Theater Studios
    • ​​Irma Bullock by Lesley Clare O'Neill
    • Public Display of Affection by Philip Gawthorne
    • What We Did to Weinstein by Ryan Craig
  • 2nd Annual A Night At The Races  featuring Gavin Lee  (TONY nominee for Mary Poppins)                                             and the West End’s Emily Harvey at Soho House


  • In The Pipeline by Gary Owen (Manhattan Theatre Source)
  • The Cleric by Tim Marks (World Premiere at 59E59)


  • A Night At The Races – 1st annual Ascot-themed benefit featuring comedian Stephen Frost (Whose Line is it Anyway?); founding members of STOMP and hat trick artist Rod Ferrone
  • A Fairwell to Harry’s Loft  featuring Stephen Frost and Hattie Hayridge (‘Holly’ from TV’s Red Dwarf)


  •  Telephone Bar & Grill Reading Series
    • ​Mr. Nobody by Philip Ralph  
    • Foreign Bodies and Big Girl by Andrew Biss
    • In The Pipeline by Gary Owen
    • Safety by Chris Thorpe
    •  About Alice by Charles Laurence
    • Forgive Me Father by Jill Campbell   


  • The Comforts of Homeground by Glen Supple staged reading at the Prelude to Off-Broadway Festival                         at the Martin Segel Theater Center CUNY
  • BritFest 2004: A Celebration of British Theatre, Film, Music, Sport & Culture including
    • Staged readings of new plays by MTG and the British American Theatre workshop:Mr. Lennon, Cider Man, Designer Genes and The Driven
    • British Film Festival celebrating the work of legendary director Alan Clarke; DVD launch of classic British films Scum (Ray Winstone, Phil Daniels); The Firm (Gary Oldman) and Made In Britain (Tim Roth) at Clancy’s Pub
    • Original British comedy performed by ‘London New yawk Talk’ directed by Richmond Shepard
    •  British-American Rugby Festival at Van Cortlandt Park
    • The History of British Rock performed by The British Invasion plus special guest Page Stewart at MOD.
  • St. George’s Arts Initiative scene presentations at the National Arts Club
  • The Killing of Sister George by Frank Marcus staged reading (in assoc. with the LGBT Center of NY)


  • Perfecting The Kiss by Scott C. Sickles
  • Cuthbert’s Last Stand  by Andrew Biss
  • Happy Hour by Susan Cameron
  • Take 13 by Susan Cameron


  • British Rock in Central Park featuring The Beats a benefit for the City Parks Foundation


  • Flights by Susan Cameron (winner: Sam French Festival)
  • The Devil’s Parole by Eric Giancoli (winner: Sam French Festival)


  • BritFest New York (Fall 2002) a celebration of British music, comedy, theatre and culture in association with, Walford Gazette, WLIW, Tea & Sympathy and UJNews



  • Readings in association with the Stage Directors/Choreographers Foundation
    • The Red Badge of Courage Book/Lyrics- Peter Morris; Music: Ethan Feinn​
    • The Shooting Stage by Michael MacLennon
    • The Coffee Trees by Arthur Giron
    • 10 Million Black Republicans by Steve Gold
    • Dear Digby by Elizabeth Corley Megal & Joseph Megal (adapted from the novel by Carol Muske Dukes)
    • The Fall of Sejanus by Cailin Heffernan (adapted from Ben Johnson’s drama
    • The Matilda Years by Dan Michael McDermott
    • Sheva, The Benevolent by Robert Armin (adapted from the play by Richard Cumberland)
    • Recollection by John McDonough


  • What Doesn’t Kill Us by Dan Remmes (NY Premiere)
  • Portia Coughlin by Marina Carr
  • Three Tables by Dan Remmes (winner: Sam French Festival)
  • Billy and The Crab Lady by Holly Philips
  • Under The Blue Sky by David Eldridge (US Premiere)
  • McKevitt by Barry McKinley

Early Days

  • The Butter Bin by Sean Michael O’Donnell
  • The Ecstasy of St. Jude by Sean Michael O’Donnell
  • A Mother Knows by F.J. Hartland
  • Clean Sheets by F.J. Hartland
  • My Dog Has No Nose by William Loeffler
  • Summer Begins by David Eldridge
  • Labor Days by Tony Vellela, directed by Austin Pendleton
  • Buddy Movie by Tony Vellela
  • Shining Souls by Chris Hannan
  • The Tragic Muse: A Comedy by Mark Dundas Wood
  • The Mai by Marina Carr
  • Hands of Light by Bernard Pomerance